Developer description

Bookmeeting helps you to book your meeting room online at Hotels and special venues at the main cities in Spain and Portugal.

The team of the startup is working hard to increase number of Hotels at the Platform.

In the next year they will expando to the main cities of Europe and LATAM.

The advantages are:

All Meeting rooms in the same platform, saving time to get a response, saving money and earning Meetpoints with your booking done with Bookmeeting for next reservations.

It is easy to use, just 4 steps to book your meeting room:

1. Choose the city where you want to meet, date and number of person
2. We show you the Hotels and Venues available for your choice
3. Introduce the details of your event ( number of people, set up of the meeting room,...)
4. CONFIRM your reservation and make the payment with a secure payment gateway

Last updated 19 Sep 2014